(Old English: blessed, fortunate, prosperous, happy)

SAELIG is a strategy game with RPG elements centred around the life of you and your family as you try to survive and bring wealth and prosperity to your household. Set in Dark Ages England, you will enter the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex during a time of turmoil where you will choose your path and do what you must to make your mark on the world around you, for generations to come. You have the freedom to be who you want and to play the way you want - trader, business owner, worker, landlord, thug, abbot, and more. The choice is yours.

SAELIG is a hobby project being developed by me, a lone developer going by the name Atorcoppe, but I owe the fans a lot of credit. They have been endlessly supportive and helpful for testing, suggestions, and bug reports. I love this game and am creating something that I'm proud of and that I enjoy. If you would like to support development and help shape SAELIG you can purchase a copy on PC, Mac or Linux via the Steam store, it is currently in Early Access which means it is still under development, is not feature complete, and there can be bugs.

$14.99 usd

Any kind of support is always appreciated.